Job Purpose:  

To provide complete underwriting support for the Political Violence underwriting team focusing primarily in the UK.

Lines of Responsibility:

Responsible for: NA

Detailed Duties:


  • To sign documents within agreed individual underwriting authority limits
  • Be present at all stages of the insurance broke
  • Ensure mandatory risk details are entered correctly onto S2000
  • Ensure insured name is correct
  • Completion of Electronic Front sheet (EFS) and underwriting notes
  • Ensure inclusion of technical premium and rate movement onto S2000
  • Make sure relevant documentation is scanned against S2000 reference
  • Assist with loss ratio analysis on individual accounts
  • Support Underwriting Team  in ensuring overall Syndicate SLA’s are maintained
  • When writing outside of your authority ensure relevant sign off is scanned to S2000 in appropriate timeframe. Assist Underwriters with scanning of other signoffs where necessary.



  • Ensure compliance with broker security requirements. Check that individual brokers adhere to their individual credit limits and that a TOBA is in place prior to quoting business with an unauthorised broker.
  • SLAs for slips and endorsements
  • Assist with Lloyd’s licencing requirements
  • Send relevant slips for pre-bind check and follow up any fails that may occur with the underwriter/broker
  • Assist with completion of sanctions checks
  • Completion of annual compliance training
  • Compliance bulletin review and action
  • Assist with ensuring downgrade clauses comply with Ascot’s policy and highlighted correctly on front sheet.


Facultative Reinsurance Purchasing

  • Assist with the purchasing of reinsurance placements and any issues that may arise.
  • Make sure that any endorsements that affect the facultative reinsurance are notified to the relevant team
  • Ensure RI purchase procedures are complied with.



  • Prepare renewals in advance
  • Ensure that all renewals are actioned including all non-renewed premiums



  • Check that there is available aggregate prior to quoting.
  • Ensure all schedules are available and passed to Capita at the time of underwriting
  • Where required chase the broker for outstanding schedules



  • Attendance at the monthly administration and Claims meetings when required


Credit Control

  • Review the weekly credit control report and action. For risks over 31 days overdue refer to the underwriter.  When applicable send relevant comments on the chasing of premium to Xchanging. Review inward XL premium adjustments.
  • Action notice of cancellations on permanent covers


Workflow Management

  • Review of partial policies
  • Un-scanned slips
  • Promised lines
  • Quotations



  • Claims data – reporting discrepancies between submissions and S2000 data
  • Aggregation reports
  • Quarterly class reports
  • UMC Reports
  • Review and action of exception reports including over and undersigned lines


Client Management

  • Attend client and broker meetings.
  • Take notes and publishing to S2000, when required.
  • Ensure action points are followed up.


Facility Management

  • Ensure all facilities entered are ‘monitored’.
  • Ensure all cash declarations entered for entire cover period contain the relevant Settlement Due Dates (SDD).
  • Chase and process relevant bordereaux’s
  • Reconciliation of estimated premium to actual
  • Review of signed premium against estimated premium
  • Assist in scanning of delegated underwriting form.


Query Resolution

  • Slips within SLA
  • Endorsements
  • Aggregation
  • USM’s
  • BST
  • Capita


Working Knowledge of Systems

  • IMR
  • Crystal/Lloyds QA Tool
  • S2000 (Subscribe)
  • Swordfish


Provide data for competition of Terrorism returns

  • ATIA (Australia)
  • GAREAT (France)


Other duties

  • Ad-hoc duties as directed by line management.
  • Implementation of new procedures.


Limits of Authority:

Not Applicable