Job Purpose:

To analyse and report the syndicate’s exposure and cat modelled capacity for natural catastrophes, terrorism and casualty within the limits defined by the business plan and senior committees.


Lines of Responsibility:

Reports to: Exposure Manager


Detailed Duties:

Data Management

  • Maintain modelled and non-modelled databases to ensure:
    • Timely and accurate capture of all data
    • Timely and accurate reporting of worldwide Syndicate modelled losses & exposure
  • Liaise with Exposure Management team to report on accuracy and timeliness of data capture
  • Regular review of data captured and best practice adhered to


  • Monitor and liaise with the Capita team responsible for data entry to ensure that:
  • All required data is recorded in an accurate fashion and completed by the monthly cut off
  • Arrange and manage the Pre Risk process regarding natural catastrophe modelling performed by Capita
  • Frequent contact with Capita to ensure all data is recorded accurately
  • Frequent contact with both Capita staff and Ascot underwriters to ensure all standards of Pre Risk review are being adhered to

Monitoring & Internal Reporting

  • Pre-risk analysis of key accounts
  • Weekly Reporting – review of weekly movements and utilisations of aggregation limits
  • Assist in the reporting and publication of the EM team monthly Sign Off process
  • Results discussion with underwriters
  • Monthly Summary to the UMC
  • Breaches to be reported within 24 hours
  • Required Monthly by 2nd Friday of Month

Data Provision

  • Provide comprehensive, complete, timely and audited/reconciled data extracts to external third parties (e.g. reinsurers) as required
  • Meetings with reinsurers to discuss results and the analysis conducted
  • All scope and requirement to be agreed and timescale set before work begins
  • All external reporting to be fully documented
  • Electronic files to be saved in a structured departmental drive, with a full audit trail from core data to final report

Proactive Research

  • To advise, assist and also lead research into new cat modelling systems and procedures as the need arises
  • Assist with validation of licensing new cat models
  • To read and summarise any Lloyd’s, PRA or industry paper issued in respect of:
  • Amendments to RDS scenarios
  • Alterations in regulations/byelaws relating to exposure management/cat modelling
  • Updates to market methodologies or approaches to cat
  • Assist the Exposure Manager in ad-hoc projects (e.g. testing/enhancements to new systems/procedures)
  • Attendance at team underwriting meetings as required
  • Attendance at Lloyd’s, cat model briefings and updates
  • Review of web-based literature and bulletins