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Despite just one hurricane making landfall in the U.S. in 2023, the season still ranked 4th for the most named storms in a year since 1950, with the Atlantic basin experiencing a total of 20 named storms. And on deck for 2024, current predictions are showing one of the most active seasons on record.

With June 1, the start of the Atlantic hurricane season, just around the corner, and NOAA issuing the highest-ever hurricane forecast they have ever predicted in May, it is crucial for businesses to take proactive measures to safeguard their assets and employees. Our Ascot Claims and Loss Control professionals have compiled the following tips to help commercial business owners protect their property and their people before, during, and after a storm.


Know your Hurricane Risk

Hurricanes are not just a problem if you live or work on the coast. As storms make landfall and move inland, heavy rain, wind, flooding and even tornados are possible. NOAA’s “Determine Your Risk” tools can help property owners determine their risk and prepare accordingly.

Make an Emergency Plan

Ensure that your business has a hurricane preparedness plan. Find resources, toolkits and sample plans here.

Review your plan regularly to ensure it remains up to date.

Establish Relationships for a Smooth Recovery Identify reputable contractors, restoration services, and suppliers to assist in the recovery process.

Sign up for Alerts and Warnings

There are several ways to stay informed about pending storms, including the National Weather Service, FEMA, and community alerts in your area. Consider signing up for both national and local alert services to stay fully informed.

Protect Your Property

Remove or secure any items that can be potential projectiles during a storm and reinforce doors and windows with storm shutters or plywood to protect against flying debris.

Review your insurance policies and secure any other important documents that may be needed during or after the storm (e.g. contact information for employees, suppliers, etc.).

Regularly back up any critical data and ensure it can be accessed remotely. Test any backup generators or power supplies to ensure they will operate as designed.

Learn more about how to best ready your business for a hurricane using this FEMA link.

Confirm Communication Systems

Establish a notification system to quickly communicate updates and instructions to all team members.

Advise employees to charge mobile phones and power banks and remind them of who they can contact for information once the storm passes.

Stock Critical Supplies

Confirm that there is enough non-perishable food, drinking water, and necessary medications, as well as personal hygiene items, necessary PPE and first aid kits, for employees and customers who may be on-site.


Seek shelter and/ or evacuate if advised to by local authorities.

Stay informed and monitor local weather broadcasts for any updates on the path of the storm.


Do not enter your building/location until it is safe to do so, and local authorities declare the surrounding area safe to enter.

Try to utilize text messaging to communicate if emails and phone calls are affected by network congestion or poor cellular service.

Stay away from any downed power lines or roads covered with water or debris.

Survey for any damage. Take photos and make any necessary repairs to prevent further damage to your property. Document all costs related to storm clean up, including emergency services, internal labor costs,. temporary repairs and restoration.

Contact your insurance broker or agent to review your damages and discuss any potential claim(s).

Contact David A. Larson, U.S. Head of Loss Control & Risk Management, to learn more about our loss control capabilities. Visit for more information about our specialty insurance solutions.

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