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Inland Marine Appetite

Target Industries Include:

  • Construction (50%)
  • Technology (10%)
  • Transportation (10%)
  • Medical (10%)
  • Miscellaneous (20%)
  • Areas Out of Appetite: Underground Mining, Logging Operations, Dealers Open Lot, Transmission and DIstribution Lines, Class I Rolling Stock, Frame Builders Risks Over $5M, Offshore and International Exposures, Vacant Properties, Accounts in Bankruptcy/Reorganization, Monoline Perils, DIC Perils only, Heavily CAT and Fire Exposed Risks.

Minimum Premium: $2,500

  • Attachment points: Ground Up Whole Risk Writers, Primary/Lead Market, Quota-Share/Subscription Players, Limited Excess Participation
  • Geographic Scope: National and International Where Applicable and Legal
  • Admitted/Non-Admitted: Admitted with Some Non-Admitted Capabilities Where Required

Ascot Differentiator

  • Strong and Stable Brand
  • Senior Level out of the Box Underwriting Team
  • Sufficient Underwriting Authority in the Field
  • Product Knowledge, Flexibility, and Creativity
  • Consistency in Every Market Cycle
  • Relationship Based With a Common Sense Approach
  • Ability to Write Cat Exposed Risks – Risks Appetite
  • Dedicated Inland Marine Claims Handling Knowledge and Authority
  • Customer Focused and Best-in-Class Service


  • Bailee’s Customers, Bridges and Tunnels, Builder’s Risk, Camera Equipment,
  • Commercial Fine Arts, Contractor’s Equipment, Courier, Electronic Data
  • Processing/Computer Property, Equipment Dealers, Exhibition Floater,
  • Fine Arts Dealers, Installation Floater, Jewelers Block, Leased Property,
  • Medical/Imaging Equipment, Mining Equipment, Mobile Agricultural Machinery,
  • Motor Truck Cargo, Musical Instruments, Oil & Gas Equipment, Oil Lease Property,
  • Property, Radio & TV Tower and Equipment, Rigger’s Liability,
  • Rolling Stock (Non-Class I), Scheduled Property Floater,
  • Tanks and Tank Contents, Transportation, Warehouse Legal Liability

Head of Inland Marine

Jon Mosby

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