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Our portfolio solutions philosophy is based on long-standing partnerships of mutual benefit, where we can offer excellent A XIV rated capacity, leading claims capabilities and technical underwriting skills, alongside experienced delegated relationship management professionals. Our philosophy to programs is made up of underwriting/product specialization, diversification, and closed distribution.

Program Process

The process for becoming a Portfolio Solutions partner involves an ongoing relationship which expands beyond initial due diligence. After we’ve reviewed business cases and conducted preliminary risk assessment, we offer a seamless process to onboard new partners, which looks to offer the best technical and digital support the Ascot Group offers. Subsequent program management is conducted in a bespoke manner to work in the best format with the program management team.

Program Services Offered

A program partnership is more than just underwriting capacity. We utilize all components of the Ascot Group to offer the services and support to grow, expand and lead to long-term profitability for all parties within the program relationship. Our services include:

  • Underwriting
  • Actuarial
  • Legal
  • Regulatory
  • Finance
  • Claims
  • IT/Ops
  • Marketing


Our Portfolio Solutions team is open to reviewing all program partnership opportunities and looks for long-term profitability, management, and underwriting capabilities, and appropriate portfolio fit within the overall Ascot business. Industries within our appetite include: Professional Liability, Management Liability, Cyber, Trade Credit, Environmental, Casualty/Excess Casualty, Workers Comp, Inland Marine, Cargo, Ocean Marine Hull/Liability.


We provide A.M. Best “A” XIV paper and are also able to offer additional capacity options utilizing the full market ecosystem of the Ascot Group.

Head of Portfolio Solutions

Anthony Lyons

Anthony Lyons

Executive Vice President, Portfolio Solutions

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